Sustainable Breakfast at MIPIM 2010 in Cannes

On 18th March 2010, while MIPIM 2010, the major European Real Estate Fair, took place, important professionals from the real-estate industry participated at a "Sustainable Breakfast", which has been organized in the frame of the IMMOVALUE project by the project partners: KPMG Austria, Dr. Leopoldsberger+Partner (Germany) and the Technical University Iasi (Romania). As appropriate meeting location, the Grand Hotel Carlton in Cannes could be obtained.

More than 40 attendees from different companies and institutions specialized in financial advisory, property valuation, property management, i.e. real estate professionals had the opportunity to have face-to-face conversations with the members of the IMMOVALUE team on the topic of "introducing energy efficiency and life-cycle costs into property valuation practice".

The event contributed at a good coverage of target groups of the project, by the diversity of participants and their top positions in the real-estate business.

Brochure MIPIM Sustainable Breakfast – Interim results and general information, PDF 37,7 MB

Expert Workshop at Real Vienna – 20th May 2010

e7 was organising a separate workshop on “Integration of Sustainability into Property Valuation” in the frame of Real Vienna which is one of the biggest real estate trade fairs for the Central Europe region. The workshop was attended by about 50 people from Austria and various CEE countries. In an input presentation Klemens Leutgöb introduced the results of the IMMOVALUE project. These results have been discussed intensively in the following panel discussion with Georg Fichtinger, Senior Director CB Richard Ellis GmbH (property valuer), Karl Friedl, CEO M.O.O.CON GmbH (real estate consultant) and Knut Droguwitsch, Delta AG (real estate developer). The overall tenor of the discussion was that so far property valuation is able to include sustainability aspects only in a qualitative way through (largely subjective) premiums in case that a sustainability certificate is available (without any differentiation between the different labels such as Green Building, LEED, DGNB or others). Property valuation is not able for the moment to include quantitative aspects such as energy or operation cost differences in a well-structured way because data and approaches to process technical building characteristics in the valuation process are largely missing. In this context the IMMOVALUE project delivers valuable contributions for a further development of property valuation methodologies.

Presentation by Klemens Leutgöb (e7): Integration von Nachhaltigkeit in die Immobilienbewertung, PDF 608 kB

Consense Workshop – 23rd June 2010

In cooperation with the sustainability representative of BNP Paribas Real Estate the IMMOVALUE project partners, Dr. Leopoldsberger + Partner and e7 were holding the workshop “The integration of sustainability into property valuation”. The majority of the 150 attendees of the workshop were members of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen”. Due to the presentations of the IMMOVALUE results some discussions arise afterwards mainly focused on future expectations regarding property values of "green" real estate.

Presentation by Klemens Leutgöb (e7): Betriebskostenunterschiede als Ansatzpunkt für die Integration von Nachhaltigkeits­aspekten in die Wertermittlung: Ergebnisse des EU-Projekts IMMOVALUE, PDF 900 kB

Presentation by Gerrit Leopoldsberger (Dr. Leopoldsberger + Partner): Integration von Nachhaltigkeit in die Immobilienbewertung, PDF

ERES 2010, Milano – 23rd – 26th June 2010

The annually conference of the European Real Estate Society (ERES) was taking place in Milano in 2010. Due to the actuality and the numerous amount of researcher, dealing with the topic of sustainability within the different branches of the property profession the conference was a good stage for presenting a paper with the focus to the empirical results. While the paper presentation of Prof. Dr. Leopoldsberger took place around 25 interested attendees of conference were listening interestedly.

Presentation by Gerrit Leopoldsberger (Dr. Leopoldsberger + Partner): Energising Property Valuation in Europe - Putting a value on energy efficient buildings, PDF 1,28 MB

Paper by Gerrit Leopoldsberger (Dr. Leopoldsberger + Partner), Sven Bienert (KPMG), Wolfgang Brunauer (IRG), Kerstin Bobsin (Dr. Leopoldsberger + Partner) and Christian Schützenhofer (KPMG): Energising Property Valuation in Europe - Putting a value on energy efficient buildings, PDF 1,3 MB

Immovalue Workshop in Vienna

The Immovalue project team organized an expert workshop in Vienna on December 4th in order to present and discuss the methodological findings with international experts.

Presentation by Sven Bienert (KPMG): Introduction and Overview on established IMMOVALUE-methods, PDF 1,1 MB

Presentation by Klemens Leutgöb (e7): Summary of Contributions to the expert review process, PDF 173 kB

Presentation by Erika Meins (CCRS): ESI Property Valuation - Integration of Sustainability into Property Valuation, PDF 762 kB